16 - 19 Aug 2018

Summer Festival


We are really excited and happy to anounce that Duncan Disorderly and the Scallywags have extended their limited tour to include Tribal Earth 2018 as their third and final gig this year.

So come and join us to lift the roof and dance your socks off.

Whooooooo we have a Scallywag Parteeeeee.

Watch them here!

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  Please note. Due to extremely hot and dry conditions this summer we have been advised by the local authorities that apart from the main Tribal Earth fires no other/ personal fires or BBQs will be allowed in the camping field or festival site. Camping stoves are allowed but must be raised off the ground.

Tribal Earth Summer Festival

Join us this year for the Tribal Earth Summer Festival and even more fantastic live music, amazing workshops, 4 days of camping and lots of fun.

There is literally something for everyone. Whether you're into World Music, African Drumming, Poetry, Yoga, Tai Chi, Indian, African and Belly Dancing, Singing, Meditation, Learning new Instruments, 5 Rhythms, Laughter Yoga, Crafts, Forest School or simply sitting by a beautiful fire chatting with friends you'll love Tribal Earth.

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Tribal Earth 20th Anniversary Video

  • Over the years Mike has captured some of the fantastic moments at Tribal Earth on video

    Tribal Earth 20th Anniversary - 1997-2017

The Clock Tower Sanctuary

The Clocktower Sanctuary

Tribal Earth is organised by a group of dedicated volunteers with profits donated to The Clock Tower Sanctuary supporting homeless young people in Brighton and Hove.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary was established in 1998 by a group of people from local churches who wanted to do something about rising street homelessness. We are still motivated by the values of the founders and remain a community-run organisation, run by paid staff and a strong team of volunteers.

Their mission is to prevent vulnerable young people from becoming part of the long-term homeless population.

Their vision is that all homeless young people are encouraged, supported, challenged and inspired to develop their full potential and transform their lives.


Yoga African Dance Circus Skills "Drumming Irish Singing Pranayama Sacred Geometry Qi Gong Kirtan Art Therapy